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   关于我们 / About Us

AWC Seafood公司的潜水员在澳洲水域捕捞海鲜的经验超过40年。从优质龙虾到新鲜鲍鱼,我们能为客户提供各种各样的海产品。心怀对自然的敬畏,我们一直坚持采用符合澳洲渔业可持续发展的捕捞手段,严格遵守捕捞配额。


AWC Seafood divers have a combined experience of over 40 years fishing in Australian waters delivering diverse product, ranging from lobster to abalone. Our seafood is caught respectfully, adhering to Australian sustainable fishing practices and quotas.


AWC Seafood公司坚持精简的商业模式运作。海产品捕捞后就立即转移至储存水箱保证海产品鲜活。继而立即空运至全球客户手中。无需中间代理,绝对保证海鲜品质上乘和运输迅捷。


AWC Seafood公司获澳大利亚政府批准并许可出口。


AWC Seafood is based on a streamlined business model whereby live produce is caught, transferred to quality assured live tanks, and then transported to clients globally via air freight. Eliminating handling agents ensures quality and timing is not compromised.


AWC Seafood is approved and licensed to export.


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